Things to Consider When Buying All-In-One Printer

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  • May 22, 2018
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Things to Consider When Buying All-In-One Printer

Nowadays, all-in-one printers have become more and more popular, particularly in the organizations where desk space and technology investments must both be maximized. All-in-printers are also known as multifunction printers. A multifunction printer might offer the convenient, consolidated functionality your business needs, but there are many choices out there.

There’s much to think about when making a purchase decision from features such as flatbed scanners and resolution to functionality printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. To simplify the process, be sure to consider the following key factors before making a selection:


You must consider what you’re planning to use your printer for before you purchase. If you know you’ll need to perform other tasks besides printing, it may be worth spending a bit more on all-in-printers. A low-cost printer is typically inexpensive for a reason, often lacking the features, print speed and build quality of more expensive models.

Print Resolution:

The resolution of printer and resolution in the printer is measured by the Dots Per Inch (DPI). It is extremely important to look at the DPI of the printer before purchasing them because it helps you to produce the good and quality print.

Print Speed:

The printing speed of printer makes it amazing and remindful when you are in hurry or want to print large numbers of the document. Also, you should check how many papers it can handle. The speed of the printer is calculated in the PPM (Page Per Minute). There are also some numerous factors such as Black & White, Color, text only, and has different printing speed.


In this time of smart and Bluetooth devices, many printers are prepared with some wireless protocol or another to print wireless through a Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can send files directly from your tablet or smartphone to print. Even if the printer is going to serve just one person in a home with no sharing, think twice before skipping Wi-Fi as a feature.

Print engine:

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a multifunction printer is the device’s print technology. Inkjet versus laser, that’s the question. Inkjet printer’s replacement cartridges are less expensive than laser. They also usually accommodate a wider variety of print media. On the other hand, lasers printers are also quieter. But they’re almost always larger than inkjet counterparts.

There are many other things that you should consider before buying all in one printer. Visit and find a wide variety of printers according to your needs and budget.

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