Types of Bow Tie

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  • June 13, 2018
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Types of Bow Tie

Men may occasionally feel incomplete to classic looks, but these looks haven’t arisen the test of time because they’re just some run of the mill passing trends. A suit is certainly one unchanging look that demands admiration, but let’s breaks it down a little further. The bow tie is one of the striking variable that really draws the entire suite together and obtains respect from friends, foes, and strangers. Self-assurance and superiority — a man in a bow tie radiate both. Unless of course he has chosen the incorrect bow tie or worn a bow tie with the wrong collection. In that case, the bow tie makes his entire costume pagliaccio.

3 Types of Bow Tie

• Self-Tie Bow Tie:

The self-tie is the most traditional type of bow ties. It is also known as “freestyle”, the self-tie is the classic style and has an organic look when tied. During the first few times, it can be challenging to tie a self-tie bow tie, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

• Pre-Tied Bow Tie:

The pre-tied bow tie comes pre-tied and the knot is sewn in the place. It is a neat, preternaturally symmetrical bow attached to an adjustable band. Pre-tied is easy to fit, easy to size and painless to put-on

• Clip-On Bow Tie:

The clip-on bow tie is also a pre-tied bow with a metal clasp which clips or hooks directly onto the collar of your shirt. This style is least convincing and is most suitable for young age children.

Bow Tie Shapes You Should Know

• The Butterfly:

It is also known as the thistle shape, is the most common style of a bow tie with which most people are familiar.

• The Big Butterfly:

The big butterfly is big and has a more relaxed shape than the butterfly.

• The Diamond Point:

In diamond tip bow tie, it has pointed ends, and when tied is charmingly asymmetrical.

• The Batwing:

The batwing shape tie is the smallest in height. It is also known as a straight or slim bow tie.

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