Why To Wear A Swim Cap

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  • June 6, 2018
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Why To Wear A Swim Cap

If you’re new to facing the waterfront, whether it is a closed and compact swimming pool or an open water source like a pond or lake, you tend to worry a bit as to what your hair might get exposed to when underwater. This is one of the most vital reasons behind wearing a swim cap.

Why swim caps are so important you may ask?

Dry Hair:

It takes hours to dry the hairs again after they get wet during swimming. So, wet hair is a big problem for swimmers with long hair. Selection of proper size is very important while buying these kinds of swim caps because if they don’t fit well then they can’t prevent water. Choose cap with right size that can solve your problem. We have silicones made waterproof swim caps which will help you to keep your hair dry.

Chlorine and salt water:

You have to aware of different chemicals including chlorine which is used to keep pool water clean and safe. It affects the health of your hair. If you like to swim in open water or in sea water then salty water can also damage your hair. Even, swimming in sea water is hard for you to predict the number of harmful chemicals which are present in sea water. Therefore without a swimming cap, it is a big risk to swim under any type of water.

Cold Water Swimming:

If you can’t keep yourself warm while swimming then it’s really hard to you for cold water swimming. Swim caps are specially designed for this purpose. Swim cap can help you to keep warm while swimming in cold water. Therefore swimming under cold water without a cap can bust your swimming experience.

Reduce Resistance and Increase Speed:

Swim cap makes you swim faster. So, this is also one of the main reasons behind the popularity of silicone swimming caps. The hair on your head creates drag at the time of swimming, which reduces the speed of the swimmer. Swim caps made of silicone are used by all professional swimmers. A smooth and round surface of these caps reduces the drag and resistance while swimming.

So next time, when you are leaving for swimming don’t forget about the swim cap. Topretaildeals provide you brand new and high quality 100% waterproof silicone swim cap at lowest prices.

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